It was just around dinnertime, Sunday evening, November 27th, when Battle Creek firefighters got the call that a family’s home was on fire in the 100-block of Battle Creek Avenue. The crews sprang into action and arrived on the scene within three minutes. 

Upon arrival, flames could be seen on the first floor of the structure, but there was no sight of any occupants that may have fled the single-family home. Car 3 assumed command as Engine 2 and Squad 2 attacked the blaze on the first floor. In the meantime, Rescue 3, Engine 5, Rescue 6, and Squad 6 assisted with search and support efforts. It was quickly determined that the residents were not at home. 

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The Battle Creek firefighters once again proved their recognition of being at the top of their game by extinguishing the blaze within 10 minutes, containing the fire to the first floor, minimizing damage. The cost is still sizeable at  $30,000 in property damage, and another $6,000 in estimated damage to contents, and puts a Battle Creek family out of their home as the holidays approach. The Fire Marshall is investigating for a cause.

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