How about a little star-gazing on 4/20 weekend, Michigan? Even if you don't mix the two events, the Michigan sky will be quite the sight over the weekend as long as the weather cooperates.

On the heels of the solar eclipse earlier this month and the Green Devil comet too, folks are excited to see what other wonders the cosmos has in store for us simple Earthlings.

This weekend another show will dazzle the sky as the Lyrids meteor shower will be the most viewable in the coming days.

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The Lyrids meteor shower is one of the longest-known meteor showers and shows up every year in late April. Typically 10-20 meteors can be viewed during the peak hour of the shower, though it's not unheard of to witness as many as 100 meteors screaming through the sky.

According to NASA, the cosmic event gets its name from the Lyra constellation, known as the meteor shower's radiant or the point in the sky from which the meteors appear to come from. The constellations don't cause the showers, they are simply a reference point on where to look for the shower, though NASA suggests looking away from the radiant for a more spectacular viewing rather than directly at the constellation.

The Lyrids are already active, having started on April 15th and lasting until April 29th. However, the best viewing opportunities will be this weekend, particularly on Sunday morning. Yes, you'll want to wake up extra early to get a good view.

The best time to see the Lyrids will be just before the break of dawn on Sunday and Monday morning. Skies should be clear in Michigan too, so as long as you're able to wake up, you should have a great view.

Of course, you'll want to be away from city lights - somewhere where you could typically stargaze on a clear night. NASA also suggests lying flat on your back with your feet facing east. Get there early, as your eyes will need to adjust to the night sky for about 30 minutes before daybreak to see the Lyrids in action.

You'll want to check moonset and sunset times for the best show. Be at your spot at moonset and you should have a bit over an hour of meteor shower viewing before the sun comes up to start the day.

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