Finding a working environment that works for you is difficult. So many factors come into play, including the work itself, pay, or coworkers. To have it all mesh in a way that isn't stressful is nearly a miracle.

Naturally, there are plenty of stresses that come from life and no one wants to work for a business that adds to the problem. Thankfully, mental health is much more of a focus today. Many employers are taking the initiative to help prioritize their employees's mental health around the country and some of the best at it are here in Michigan.

A study from Newsweek highlighted the best business with a 4-5 star rating based on employee surveys, public data and HR executive feedback.

Five Michigan-based businesses were recognized for supporting their workers' mental wellness with a five-star rating.

  • Bronson Healthcare
  • CMS Energy Corporation
  • Perrigo Company
  • Priority Health
  • Sage Metals

10 were recognized with a 4.5-star rating.

  • AF Group
  • Credit Acceptance Corp.
  • Densco
  • Hagerty Insurance Agency
  • Independent Bank Corporation
  • Michigan CAT
  • NYX
  • Robert Bosch
  • ZF North America

10 more were given a 4-star rating to round out all of the Michigan-based businesses.

  • Cascade Engineering
  • Dakkota Integrated Systems
  • Emagine Entertainment Inc.
  • Gentex
  • Horizon Global
  • Jackson National Life Insurance
  • Michigan Healthcare Professionals
  • North American Bancard
  • Plante Moran
  • Sherwood Food Distributors

If your place of employment has more than 1,000 employees but isn't corporately based in Michigan, you can see if they made the cut of over 750 national companies recognized for their efforts.

Newsweek mentions that 55% of employees believe their "workplace is "a lot mentally healthier" than it really is."

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