Battle Creek Transit is preparing to collect fares from riders beginning September 1st.  Boarding as of that date will be at the front of the vehicles. Riders who still have multi-ride passes at that point will need to exchange them for books of individual tickets. There won’t be a charge to do that and the rates will remain the same. Riders will show the driver the front of the pass when boarding through the front door, and request a transfer at that time if needed. Transfers remain free. Whenever possible, riders should exit Transit vehicles through the rear doors, unless they need to use the lift or ramp. Battle Creek Transit has operated fare-free since late March. The city administration decided to continue public transportation services to the community, while also helping prevent the spread of the virus. The lost revenue is equal to almost half of Transit’s annual fare revenues. The Transit team spent the last few months implementing a fare collection procedure they believe is safe for passengers, and staff.

Battle Creek Transit offices reopened to the public yesterday and will be open now from 8 am to 5 pm at 339 W. Michigan Ave. The building will remain locked, but customers can walk up to the Plexiglas window at the front office to exchange and purchase passes. Transit drivers cannot sell passes. They also may not accept multi-ride passes that require the driver to punch the card. Those must be exchanged. The city has complete updated transit information posted on its website.

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