Charitable Union has announced that, effective immediately, any low-to-moderate income individual residing in Calhoun County, may receive FREE period supplies at their Free Store, located at 85 Calhoun Street, Battle Creek, MI, during business hours. The Charitable Union’s Free Store is open Monday-Wednesday 9 a.m.– 4 p.m. every week. It is also open on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. To access supplies, for those who've have never visited the Free Store before should bring their Bridge, WIC, or Medicaid card with them, along with a photo i.d. showing their residence in Calhoun County. Previously registered clients may show staff their Charitable Union i.d. to be served. For more information, call: 269-964-7234 or visit their website:

Charitable Union became the latest Allied Organization, and one of only five organization’s in Michigan, to belong to the Alliance for Period Supplies. The Alliance for Period Supplies is a nationally recognize non-profit whose mission it is to raise awareness of the millions of women living in poverty who miss out on daily life because they lack access to period supplies. The Alliance for Period Supplies supports the nationwide development and expansion of community-based period supply initiatives capable of providing a reliable supply of period products to individuals in need. The Alliance for Period Supplies distributes period supplies and funding to community partners/community-based period supply initiatives, and advocates for legislative changes to make period supplies more accessible and affordable, regardless of income.

“Period Poverty exists when an individual cannot access the necessary hygiene products during menstruation. 1 in 5 low-income individuals struggle to leave their home due to lack of product during menstruation ,” Teresa Allen, C.E.O. says, “As the only organization in the Southwest Michigan area to become nationally recognized for our work in ending period poverty in our community, we are profoundly honored. Charitable Union works every day to help girls and women in Calhoun County who struggle with period poverty. Any client who requests it can receive a monthly supply of product – any size, any style, from our wide array of product available.”

About Charitable Union: The Charitable Union provides FREE OF CHARGE clothing, personal care, baby formula, steel-toed shoes, and household items to Calhoun County residents living with Bridge, Medicaid, and WIC cards. The Charitable Union serves seniors, adults, the homeless, and children at our store, located at 85 Calhoun Street, Battle Creek, MI 49017, and via events such as our Back-to-School and Winter Coat distributions throughout the county.
Donations may be given Monday-Thursday 8 - 5 PM, Friday and Saturdays 9 - 1 PM. In inclement weather, the Charitable Union's donor hall garage doors are closed. They are open, just ring the donor hall doorbell: someone can help you unload your donations during the hours listed above.

Alliance for Period Supplies locations
Alliance for Period Supplies locations

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