Two Calhoun County governing bodies are expected to make some big moves next week regarding medical marijuana businesses.

According to the City of Battle Creek’s agenda for their February 6 meeting, the city will discuss adopting a pair of ordinances that allows for the zoning of medical marijuana growers, processors, testers, transporters and dispensaries within city limits, and also allows businesses to become licensed. There are some limitations; pot businesses must be 1,000 feet away from churches, schools, and libraries, and dispensaries also cannot be within 1,000 feet of each-other.

At their January 16 meeting, the Battle Creek City Commission voted to introduce these ordinances, with only Vice Mayor Dave Walters voting no on them.

Also next week, at their February 8 meeting the Bedford Charter Township Board of Trustees is expected to vote on their own version of medical marijuana zoning and licensing ordinances. They will also allow for all 5 business types, and require they stay 500 feet from churches and schools; there is also a subsection requiring odor control, that goes as far as to require doors and windows be closed at all times.

In December, the State of Michigan began licensing medical pot companies, as part of an effort to streamline the state’s medical marijuana laws.

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