The City of Battle Creek is inviting the community to share feedback about the future of a parking lot across from Battle Creek Central High School tonight.   I was wondering what might have been there before it was a big ugly parking lot.  Maybe you have some memories?

Wednesday night at 6:30, (April 24th 2019), the city will hold a meeting at the Department of Public Works, 150 S. Kendall Street.  City and state representatives will collect community feedback on the parking lot.

For more information on the meeting, click here. 

So what used to be there?  I searched the Willard Library archives and found there were some old businesses on the North McCamly street portion, and some nice residences on the Van Buren Street portion.   We're not sure yet when or why it turned into a parking lot, but here's what we found from eighty years ago.

McCamly and Van Buren: 80 Years Ago


Let us know what your memories are of this area, and what your vision for the future might be.

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