The City of Battle Creek is now considering a few options to replace a retaining wall at City Hall in downtown.

In the city’s December newsletter, officials say that the wall surrounding the building has suffered water damage, which was discovered after engineers were brought in to investigate a chunk of the façade that fell off of City Hall’s west entrance.

The options for replacing the retaining wall include:

1) replacing it with a typical landscape wall,

2) replacing the west wall with a pre-cast wall that looks similar to the current one, and removing the rest of it,

3) replacing it with a pre-cast wall that has a similar appearance to the current wall.

The last option would be the most expensive, but it would “preserv[e] the historic value” of the 104 year old building.

Further details can be found by contacting City Hall, and comments can be left at or at 269-966-3355 ext. 1351.

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