When my wife first pointed out to me reporting that stated many members of Joe Biden's campaign staff donated to a group that is bailing out the rioters in Minneapolis I thought she was joking.  I asked her who is reporting that and her reply was Breitbart and I thought perhaps Breitbart was stretching the truth, well they were not.

I found even Reuters was reporting that very exact same discovery.  How did Breitbart and Reuters find out about Bidens campaign bailing out rioters in Minneapolis, well the staffers actually bragged about it on Twitter.

One staffer by the name of Colleen May, who identified herself as a campaign organizer for Joe Biden in South Carolina, Wisconsin and Florida, said in a Twitter post:

As you can tell her Twitter post also included an image of her receipt from donating $50 to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

Apparently Joe has a minimum of 13 campaign staff members that not only donated to a group that is paying the bail fees of people arrested for rioting in Minneapolis but according to Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates he said in a statement to Reuters that former vice president Biden opposes the institution of cash bail as a:

 modern day debtors prison

It truly worries me that a man who the Democratic Party has picked as their Presidential nominee has that many members of his close campaign staff that are attempting to help these rioters who are causing so much damage with their anarchy.

What does Biden have to say about this, well nothing for now because they are declined to respond to this reporting.

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign has not declined to address this reporting when Reuters and other news organizations asked them their thoughts, they stated this it was “disturbing” to learn that Biden’s team:

would financially support the mayhem that is hurting innocent people and destroying what good people spent their lives building

How could anyone even consider ever voting for a candidate for President of the United States who has hired people who would do this, could you imagine who he would surround himself in the White House with.

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