Yesterday’s local municipal elections were completed without any notable glitches. Results for the three primary issues facing Calhoun County voters were released by the County Elections office shortly after the polls closed.

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In Emmett Township, the millage renewal for the township police department operations and payroll is approved with a vote count of 803 - 200. The decision means Emmett Township may resume charging local homeowners not quite 1.7 mills annually.  The average yearly levy based on a $150,000 home will be about $125.00. Township Police Department Director Ken Cunningham says if the issue had failed, it would have put him in an uncomfortable position of having to slash staff and services for the 2nd most called upon law enforcement agency in the county, second to the City of Battle Creek.

Union City Community Schools asked voters to approve two issues, an operating millage, and a sinking fund millage renewal. Both are being approved on margins of about 2 to 1.

The Calhoun County Board of Canvassers is set to meet tomorrow to review the voting and presumably, certify the results.

A few Bedford Township voters were involved in the voting for a bond issue request from the Hastings Area School System. The overall voting on that question went about 51% to 49% in opposition. A difference of 84 votes.

Voters in 54 of Michigan's 83 counties went to the polls yesterday to decide their local issues.

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