Over the years, juvenile homes across the nation have been known by a number of colorful terms, such as “kids' jail”, “the hall”, “baby booking”, and the infamous “juvie”. As Rodney Dangerfield would once say, “I get no respect. No respect at all.” Things are changing in Calhoun County; Calhoun County’s Juvenile Home has been christened with a new name. It’s now called the Calhoun County Youth Center, with a phoenix as its logo.

The name change was approved by the Board of Commissioners at its regular session meeting on September 1st, and is tied to a reimagining of how the facility represents itself, especially as a building remodel is being conceived. Youth Center staff feel that the Calhoun County Youth Center’s new name and logo are aligned with beliefs foundational to how the county department has functioned and will continue to operate. In a press release, they state,

Its mission recognizes that all youth make mistakes, and every young person deserves respect and is a worthwhile human being. The Youth Center practices the belief that with patience and understanding, positive change is made in youths’ lives. The new phoenix logo symbolizes rebirth and renewal.

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Youth Center administrators described the phoenix as an immortal bird associated with Greek mythology that cyclically regenerates and is born again.

The mythical bird is reborn from the ashes of death, which signifies a redeeming journey through fire or adversity. The phoenix represents how the youth that the Youth Center serves, with the guidance and support of staff, have a chance to overcome adversity, change their outcomes, and make a new path toward being an asset in the community. The new name and logo work cooperatively to best depict the important and ongoing mission that the Youth Center staff embodies.

They point out that the changes in building signage and throughout the community will take time. And also, the name change does not change any of the ongoing programming and treatment plans for youths at the Youth Center.

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