In an effort to protect roads, the Calhoun County Road Department is implementing their seasonal road restrictions for Spring 2019.

The CCRD says that the restrictions will be in effect starting 7am Saturday, March 9, and will remain in effect until further notice. During this period, trucks traveling on "restricted" roads in Calhoun County need to travel slower, and carry loads 35% lighter than usual. These restrictions do not apply to "All-season" roads, a map of which can be found on the Road Department's website here. 

The Road Department says:

These weight restrictions are commonly put in place each year by counties across Michigan, and are intended to help preserve and protect our local roads when they are most vulnerable from freeze thaw cycles that cause road damage. While our local road agencies work throughout the year to improve roads to accommodate commercial vehicles and foster a business-friendly environment, heavy weights during the spring season make the road surfaces more prone to breakage than they are during other times of the year.

The weight and speed reductions may be enforced by local and state law enforcement.


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