The Calhoun County Public Health Department has not seen its COVID-19 virus workload decreased in recent weeks. It has been just the opposite. The job of coordinating and administering virus vaccinations has significantly increased the load and the pressure. The deaths of 206 Calhoun County residents are attributed to the COVID-19 virus since the outbreak began last March.  That works out to be 15 one-hundredths of one percent of the total county population using a high estimate of 135,000 residents.

At the start of this week, 14 area residents were hospitalized with related conditions. All told, 382 covid patients have been treated at Calhoun County hospitals. The number of confirmed virus cases as of this morning stands at 7916. That works out to just under 6% of the county population.

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Vaccination administration has been tough going but is proceeding.  This week many Calhoun County school teachers and administrative staff are being vaccinated. That covers both public and private schools. County health administrators have just over 2,000 school personnel scheduled for vaccination clinics through the month.  Many county residents have been returning to clinics this week for their second required dose of the vaccine. There needs to be an approximate 3-week separation between the two doses.

The county health department is also sending the following advisory to people on its public information email list :

“Any paid or unpaid person serving in the health care system that meets criteria for Phase 1A who has not received the COVID-19 vaccine please contact the CCPHD at 269-969-6990. For individuals 65+ who want to receive the vaccine, currently our waitlist exceeds 7,146 people and 400 people continue to be added a day. As soon as additional mass vaccination clinics are scheduled when supply is identified, staff is calling people from this waitlist to schedule appointments.“

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