Those with criminal records have a chance at a clean slate for some offenses.

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Many of us have made mistakes in life. Whether it is a youthful indiscretion or a split-second decision that should have been better thought out. The consequences can be long-term and far-reaching.

Those with criminal records often face barriers when searching for a job. Whether it was a minor offense or one that would no longer be considered an offense, answering yes to a criminal offense question on an application often means being passed up for a job.

On Wednesday, December 15, 2021, the first of two informational meetings will be via zoom for those looking to have their records expunged. If you are unable to participate in the first online informational meeting you can catch it again on January 11, 2021. Those wishing to attend the Calhoun County Expungement Fair must register prior.

Courtesy of CAASCM
Courtesy of CAASCM

You can learn more about what to expect at the February 23, 2021, expungement event happening at Kellogg Arena by attending the zoom informational meetings hosted on December 15th at Noon and January 11th at 6:00 p.m. Language interpretation will be provided for both informational meetings and at the event at Kellogg Arena.

Click here to register for the Wednesday, February 23, Calhoun County Expungement Fair. 

You can view the flyer below to get a better idea of what types of offenses can be cleared and which can not be.

The good news for those who do not currently qualify is that more offenses are expected to be added to the list of what qualifies for expungement in 2023. In the future, certain expungements may become automatic, meaning no action on your part will be needed to have a clean slate.

Courtesy of CAASCM
Courtesy of CAASCM

Events like this are becoming more common and for good reason. They fill up fast. A similar event was held in Kalamazoo and registration filled up so quickly that a second event was added.

For those that are able to get the fresh start, they've been hoping for, check out a fun list of places you may want to visit while celebrating a new lease on life.

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