Some communities in the area are deciding to maintain tradition in spite of the COVID-19 virus outbreak and continue with their traditional 4th of July fireworks displays. But many are deciding to hold off on the fireworks this year. That is maybe the biggest reason behind a banner year for consumer fireworks sales this year. We have a choice of buying from some permanent fireworks stores or the ones that pop up in tents in parking lots.

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Either way, we have lots to choose from with few restrictions in place to control when and where we can light them off. Common sense should guide anyone lighting off fireworks. But every year, hospital emergency rooms see their share of injuries. Sadly, that includes many children. In 2017, the federal CDC reports almost one-third of hospital fireworks treatment cases involved young people under the age of 15.

But for lots of area residents, the chance to stage their own fireworks show for their kids or their neighborhood can be a huge attraction to buy things that go bang, fly, or twirl around.

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A poll of several of the pop-up fireworks outlets in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek turns up smiles from the operators. They report brisk business already with a week and a half to go before the official 4th celebration. But as we all know, there are those who can’t wait and we’ll be hearing the overhead booms every night until the 4th, and in some cases, long after that night.

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