A petition is circulating to remove this Michigan woman from TikTok for allegedly scamming women out of money and more.

The target of this petition is a woman that goes by @AngelaTheeG0ddess on TikTok.  Angela is the self-proclaimed leader of Daddysgirls, which people are saying is a cult that targets gay BBW women.  Over the last few months accusations have surfaced alleging that Angela has not only scammed many women out of money but has also forced them to cut themselves and pull their own hair for punishment or to prove loyalty.  Warning: the allegations in the video below are disturbing.

We've reached out to Angela for comment on the money scam and abuse allegations but, have not heard back at the time we published this article.  People that claim to be former members of this cult have surfaced to tell their disturbing experiences.  We would also like to get Angela's side of the story.  Judging by this TikTok creator's social media accounts and website, we have gathered that her name is Angela Vandusen and she lives in or near Waterford, Michigan.

There are multiple petitions regarding Angela on change.org.  The petition that was started 5 days ago titled, "Arrest and Deplatform Abuser and Cult Leader Angela Vandusen" currently has nearly 16,000 signatures.  Click here for more information or to sign the petition.

Below is a video from Angela's TikTok profile.  Warning: graphic language.

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It is important to understand that these allegations are yet to be confirmed by law enforcement.  However, victims have come forward and police have been contacted.

If you have any information regarding this case you can contact the Waterford, Michigan Police Department.

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