It's springtime, or as we know it in Michigan, "pothole season".

A lot of the discussion that takes place around this time is which roads are the worst, which roads need to be fixed, how to fix them, and on and on and on. But what if we just skipped all the talk entirely? What if instead of having this discussion every darn spring, we just get rid of the problem completely?

Forget "fix the damn roads"! Why don't we just get rid of the worst ones so we don't have to deal with them anymore? In fact, lets not even limit ourselves just to pothole-infested streets. Why not delete roads in Battle Creek that just plain suck?

Here's my proposal; we delete some roads, and replace them with something people actually like. Green space, a park, a bike trail, a drag strip, anything, it doesn't matter. Anything would be better than driving on these roads right now.

My personal choice would be Riverside Dr. between Columbia Ave. and Beckley Rd. This stretch really bites because it is the go-to choice for people trying to get from Columbia to Beckley, who for whatever reason don't want to get on the interstate. The problem is, it's residential! that means the speed limit is 30 mph, and there is way more travel on it than there should be.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

So what do you think? What Battle Creek road would you delete? Let us know!

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