The Detroit Police Chief speaks the truth and that is why I have liked this guy since I have been covering him on my show.

I wrote and spoke about Chief Craig’s run-in with U.S. Representative Rashida MF’er Tlaib concerning Detroit’s use of facial recognition software.

Tlaib heard about Detroit police utilizing facial recognition software connected to their video cameras on traffic lights in and around businesses.  When she was made aware of the use, on August 20th she tweeted:

@detroitpolice You should probably rethink this whole facial recognition bulls**t.

When they heard the disparaging and vulgar remarks by Tlaib, the Detroit Police officials invited her to the facility inside the Public Safety Headquarters to see how Detroit actually uses the facial recognition software to keep the people and visitors of Detroit safe.

Rashida MF’er Tlaib then said to Chief Craig:

Analysts need to be African Americans, not people that are not...I think non-African Americans think African Americans all look the same.

Now, does that not sound at the very least bigoted?

Chief Craig replied:

I trust people who are trained, regardless of race; regardless of gender. It’s about the training.

Well last Thursday Chief Craig was asked by a WDIV reporter if he thought there was “a double standard" being applied to Tlaib and himself if he were to make a racist comment such as Tlaib did, Chief Craig replied:

“Here’s what’s troubling...As a police chief who happens to be African-American in this city, if I made a similar statement, people would be calling for my resignation … Is it a double-standard? 

If she is not asked to resign, it certainly is a double standard.  

We are told all the time by Democrats that they will not stand for any racism, bigotry or anti-Semitism.  Let’s now see if any of that is true or they are just your typical hypocrite.

Will they call for Rep. Rashida MF’er Tlaib to resign, only time will tell but none have so far so has time already told us?

What do you think they will do?

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