I grew up listening to my mother telling me stories of listening to Rem Wall on the radio, watching him on television and even going to dances where his band was performing. Do you remember Rem Wall?

A country-western celebrity in local music on the radio and TV, Rem Wall would have been 100 this year. Do You Remember Rem Wall and The Green Valley Boys?

After graduating High School in 1939, Rem Wall packed his bags and moved to Kalamazoo; and never looked back. Rem began performing on the radio shortly after arriving in Kalamazoo, on WGFG then on WKZO radio and later WKZO-TV (now WWMT). The show on television ran for 44 years, The longest lasting show on that station to date.

Rem passed away in 1994 and this year, on October 2nd, would have been his 100th birthday. You will find one of Rem Wall and the Green Valley Boys performance "Under the Old Oak" Tree to be one of the most memorable.

Rem's son, Rendal also played in the band and was an employee at Gibson Guitars and then for Heritage.

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