Well, we were told this could happen.

On Tuesday, the City of Battle Creek issued a boil water advisory for all of their 55,000 customers in Battle Creek, Springfield, and the surrounding townships after crews working on a substation near the Verona Pumping Station broke a water line and dropped water pressure; The City says that this incident could have allowed contaminants into the system, and as a result they issued the boil water advisory to make sure nothing has entered the water.

At this time no contaminants have been identified, but some customers are experiencing discoloration in their water due to sediment being stirred up. Water samples have been taken for testing, and once test results have come back negative for anything harmful the advisory will be lifted after 24 hours.

Until then, customers of city water in Battle Creek, Springfield, and surrounding townships are advised to boil their water for at least a minute before using it for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes or food preparation.

Those with discolored water should flush their pipes with cold water until it runs clear. The colored water should be safe to drink, once it is boiled.

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