You have to give this kid some respect, he saw a business opportunity and did not let it go to waste.  There certainly is a question of whether this was the right opportunity to not let go to waste, and was he price gouging them.

According to reporting in the USA Today the teenager who lives in the United Kingdom was selling “squirts” of hand sanitizer to his friends at school.  Apparently his school did not appreciate his entrepreneurial skills and suspended him.

Perhaps he was just concerned about his fellow students and the chance they could contract COVID-19.

He was charging his fellow students the equivalent of 64 cents a squirt.  He made a little over $11 American dollars and said he bought a bag of Doritos and had planned to use the rest of his profits to buy a kebab.

His mother posted on Facebook:

Very hard to discipline this behaviour when his dad phones him from work to call him a (expletive) legend

Should he have taken advantage of this Coronavirus scare no, but as a father I would be happy to know that my son will definitely be a go-getter and successful in life.


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