Gov. Whitmer's NCAA men's basketball tournament picks aren't exactly creative, but are they good?

It's easy to follow along.

Step 1: take all of the #1 and #2 seeds and advance them to the Elite Eight.

Step 2: have both Michigan and Michigan State upset the #1 seeds.

Step 3: have MSU beat Michigan (again) and go on to win the national championship.

You're done!

Now, if there ever was a year to be a homer and pick Michigan and Michigan State, this is probably the year. Both are #2 seeds, although technically Michigan is a higher #2 seed, just ask Tom Izzo and he'll be happy to explain.

Whitmer is a Spartan fan, Michigan State alum and the governor of Michigan, so homer picks are no surprise. I'm sure there are many local brackets that show a similar fate for both Michigan and MSU.

The rest of the bracket is very conservative...not an accusation Whitmer is accustomed to hearing. Of the four teams in the Sweet Sixteen that aren't the top seeds, three of them (Ohio State, Maryland and Wisconsin) are from the Big Ten and the fourth (Marquette) is just across Lake Michigan in Milwaukee. Time will tell if these are solid picks or if her brackets are filled with potholes.

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