The Gull Lake Community School district is facing a lawsuit from a former student, who alleges they didn’t properly handle her claims that she was sexually assaulted.

MLive reports that in a lawsuit filed Wednesday, the unnamed girl says she was sexually assaulted twice by a fellow student while on the campus of Gull Lake High School in April 2016. The boy also allegedly harassed and intimidated her over the following months, leading to him punching and choking her and slamming her into a wall.

The girl’s mother found out about the assaults and contacted the district, but the lawsuit claims the school didn’t inform her of her Title IX rights, found her claims to be unsubstantiated, and didn’t take any disciplinary action against the boy. The alleged abuser did plead guilty to assault and battery in court this spring.

The lawsuit seeks monetary damages to cover the girl’s medical and mental health care, and also asks for the district to be ordered to implement stronger policies aimed at preventing sexual assault.

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