Should illegal immigrants be allowed to vote in local elections?

You would think that is a silly question but in this day and age it is unfortunately not.

There seems to be a trend now occurring where cities are voting and passing laws to allow illegal immigrants to vote in their cities.  Currently several cities in Maryland already allow noncitizens to vote locally. Today the cities of Chicago and San Francisco also offer limited noncitizen voting.

This trend runs counter to the anti-illegal immigration attitude in many areas of our country, but supporters say residents of cities and towns should have a say in how their government operates, whether they are citizens or not.  Well if they are not citizens how can you make the statement that it is their government?  I cannot go to another country to live and say it is my government.

Fox5dc is reporting College Park Maryland, the latest municipality to pass a law the other day to allow illegal immigrants to vote in their local elections.  To vote in College Park Maryland, noncitizens must be 18 years of age and can't be registered to vote in another jurisdiction or serving a prison sentence for a felony, among several other restrictions. College Park MD is located just outside of Washington, D.C., and has a population of 32,000 people.

Todd Larson, a supporter of allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote in College Park MD elections was quoted in the article stating:

“The reality is allowing all people to vote in municipal elections is going to make College Park more inclusive, and that has been the history of voting rights expansion in the United States and what has happened in our neighbors in Maryland who have expanded voting rights to non-U.S. citizens”

The question I have for people who support illegal immigrants voting is what does it then mean to be a citizen?  Why should people who essentially broke into the country be given a reward for their crime?

Is it too much of an exaggeration to ask the question if someone breaks into your home should they be allowed to stay and then have a say in what happens in your home?

What would you say to people who believe this is a slippery slope and next the supporters of illegal immigrants being allowed to vote in local election then advocate that they should be allowed to vote in state and federal elections.  I can hear them saying, well if they can vote in local elections why can’t they vote in state and federal elections, it is “their” government.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson on his show Tucker asked Todd Larson if he supports illegal immigrants voting in state and federal elections, Mr. Larson deflected the question and refused to answer it.  That should tell you all you need to know about the slippery slope theory.

To attempt a compromise at the College Park council meeting, a council member proposed an amendment that would only allow green card holders to vote and exclude undocumented immigrants that green card amendment failed.

I again come back to my question, should illegal immigrants be allowed to vote?

By the way to vote in the College Park, MD elections you need to live in the city limits and provide an address.  Well if the officials have the address of people living in the United States illegally, should they not be deported?

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