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Do You Speak English at Home?
How are immigrants here either legally or illegally supposed to assimilate into our culture if they do not speak English or do not speak English very well?
According to data released this week by the Census Bureau 44.6% of people over 5 years old do not speak English at home in the state of Californi…
College Park, Maryland Can’t Allow Illegal Immigrants to vote
As many of you might have heard College Park, Maryland city council voted last week to allow illegal immigrants to vote in their city elections.  Apparently they did not know their own rules and we now find out that they cannot.
The Washington Examiner is reporting that the city council must hav…
Illegal Immigrants and Voting
Should illegal immigrants be allowed to vote in local elections?
You would think that is a silly question but in this day and age it is unfortunately not.
There seems to be a trend now occurring where cities are voting and passing laws to allow illegal immigrants to vote in their cities...
Question: Should Non-Citizens Receive Michigan Scholarships?
Should non U.S. citizens receive scholarships to Michigan colleges and universities?
A set of bill’s in the Michigan House says no.
Michigan House Bills 4829-4834 states that only U.S. citizens or permanent residents can receive Michigan nursing or other state competitive scholarships, student grants,…

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