A week from today, thousands of Calhoun County residents will be voting on some local issues.  Most are school-related. The Calhoun County Elections office has information posted about voting options, including voting in person. Battle Creek and Lakeview Public School districts have the largest financial questions up for decision.

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Battle Creek Public School administrators are asking for approval of a $44 million dollar bond issue. The purpose is a wide range of building and renovation projects throughout the district. The plan also calls for purchasing and installing some new technology systems at the district school buildings. In addition, playgrounds and even parking lots will see upgrades if the Battle Creek Schools bond issue is approved.

The district is posting on its website: “Great things are happening in Battle Creek Public Schools and great schools are the foundation of vibrant, thriving communities. This May, our community will have the opportunity to keep the momentum going through a bond measure proposal to transform and solidify the BCPS middle school experience. Under the proposal, Northwestern Middle School would become an immersive visual and performing arts academy, and Springfield Middle School would receive necessary building upgrades to continue its transition into a service learning school experience.”

The Lakeview district is asking voters to approve a $47 million dollar school spending proposal.

In Leroy Township, voters will decide a Fire Protection Services and Public Works Proposal.

Albion Township voters will decide a Recreation spending plan.

And a couple of precincts in Calhoun County are part of the Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency district and will decide a special education millage request.

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