Schools in Calhoun and Kalamazoo Counties are winding down the 2020-2021 academic year and preparing for the upcoming school year. Some still have lingering issues from the past year to attend to.

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Some remain on the State of Michigan’s virus outbreak list.  The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has been posting a weekly update to its online spreadsheet showing schools that are being added to the list each week with a new outbreak, or those that are showing as the site of an ongoing outbreak with lingering cases.

Only two Michigan schools are added this week, one each in Rochester Hills, and Detroit. The ongoing outbreak list is getting shorter. All remaining Calhoun County schools are now off the list. Lakeview High School, Harrington Elementary in Albion, and Marshall High School are now cleared by the state from showing active COVID-19 cases.

But hot spots remain throughout the state.  In Kalamazoo County, Western Michigan University again shows on the ongoing list with 929 students, faculty and staff involved there. Kalamazoo College with less than 40 cases lingers on the list. So does Portage Central Elementary and Kalamazoo’s Gilden Woods Elementary.

7 Jackson county schools have been on the state’s virus outbreak list for some time now, including 5 high schools.  Oakland County in Southeast Michigan has 11 schools on the ongoing list.

Hillsdale College remains on the list. It’s been there since last September. Michigan State University is now off the list. But the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan are still showing.

The state has not indicated how long it plans to track and publicly report outbreak status at Michigan schools.

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