A lot of students at Kellogg Community College are smiling today. Many are getting special one-time grants from KCC. Others are getting refunds for earlier registration fees. More are seeing fees for online course registrations being waived. All this is happening following a key decision by the College Board of Trustees. The board is deciding to implement the sweeping financial boost to students using federal stimulus funds to make it all happen. The total savings to Kellogg Community College students will be up around $1.5 million.

KCC is starting off with reimbursing students who have paid online course fees. Those fees are now waived for additional students registering for online courses for the Summer 2021 semester. Grants are going out to many KCC students. Some are amounting to around $50. But the Board of Trustees is approving grants as high as $650 to currently enrolled students.

The COVID-19 related emergency grants are being paid out immediately this week. Fee reimbursements are planned to be disbursed beginning in about three weeks. KCC administrators are recommending students get signed up for direct deposit. That’s possible to set up using the banking information link that is connected to the Bruin Portal. The college says that way, a lot of time is saved by electronically transferring the funds instead of using paper checks and the delay caused by using the postal service.

KCC Board of Trustees Chairman Steve Claywell says it’s the right thing to do. “The Board of Trustees recognizes the unusual challenges that our students are facing and we appreciate being in a position to be strategic including putting cash back into students’ hands with our use of federal funds to support students and enhance campus safety.”

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