A lawsuit against the Kellogg Company with a bit of ironic twist is set to go forward.

MLive reports that the plaintiffs are Richard Tabura and Guadalupe Diaz, who worked at the Kellogg’s plant in Utah, and who are members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. When the plant began requiring workers to work every other Saturday, the pair eventually were fired, because Seventh-day Adventists worship on Saturdays and do not work on that day.

Last week, a federal appeals judge ruled that the lawsuit against the Battle Creek-based company can go forward, reversing a lower court ruling that found in Kellogg’s favor without a trial.

The Seventh-day Adventist movement was founded in Battle Creek, Michigan, and WK Kellogg was a member of the church when he founded the Kellogg Company, as was his brother John Harvey. John Harvey Kellogg was the director of the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and he and his brother became proponents of corn flakes as a food that meet dietary standards Adventists advocated.

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