Two men were arrested in Kalamazoo this week during a raid that has now been connected to the smuggling of huge amounts of drugs across the country.

WOODTV says the raid by the Southwest Enforcement Team was carried out Tuesday to the residence in the 400 block of Reed St, where the brothers Tyrone and Andre Hollin were arrested. These arrests are the culmination of a six month investigation into the trafficking of methamphetamine into Michigan; it’s alleged that over 400 pounds of meth was brought into the area from California over the past two years, with a large portion of that product being manufactured in Mexico.

Before the Hollin's were arrested, law enforcement in Illinois intercepted a vehicle that contained what police say was a 27 pound shipment of crystal meth that was headed to Kalamazoo. At the same time as the Kalamazoo raid, properties in California were raided and around 30 more pounds of the drug were recovered.

The brothers arrested in Kalamazoo were arraigned Wednesday in federal court in Grand Rapids.

Police say that due to smuggling like this, Kalamazoo is becoming an "epicenter" for crystal meth in the state.

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