Freezing temperatures not only affect schedules, schools, pets and people, it also affects one of the lifelines into your home.

Several cities in our area are being asked to have residents turn on a faucet or two just a trickle to prevent freezing water pipes. The City of Battle Creek made an announcement Tuesday that recent work excavations has determined that the frost level along several city streets may cause frozen pipes. The City has also enclosed over 200 addresses that have had a history of frozen pipes over the last eight years. The City suggests the amount of flow should be three-eighths of an inch in size, or about the size of a pencil.

The Village of Athens also asked their residents Monday to have to just turn a faucet on in the home to run a stream that is pencil width. In a release, Department of Public Works Superintendent Dorman Snyder stated that this water advisory should continue for the next couple of weeks.

Last week, Bronson and Union City also went under a water advisory.

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