If Roy Moore wins the Senatorial race in Alabama on December 12th should “white Alabama” be destroyed?

I understand that sounds like a crazy question and would agree with you that in past times it would be considered not only a crazy question but an aggressive and violent one.

Unfortunately these are not past times, this is the world we live in today.  Tim Wise is an author and self-described “antiracist activist.” Mr. Wise has spoken at quite a few colleges and high schools about “white privilege” and racism, according to The Daily Caller.

Interesting to note that no one on the right were calling for the colleges and high schools to not allow Mr. Wise to speak or created an atmosphere of fear, aggression and violence with protest when he did speak as many of the left do.

He then followed up that tweet the next day to attempt to clarify what he meant when he tweeted:

Oh sure Mr. Wise that made it all better, now I understand only racists and bigots would actually vote for Mr. Moore and non-white people cannot be and are not racist or bigots.  Sounds familiar to me how about you.

I have been reporting for years where the real hatred, aggression and violence lies on the political spectrum.  It is time we common sense and real Americans come together from all political ideologues and parties and stand up against such violent people no matter what “team” they are on.

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