Life may have handed us all lemons in recent months but an 8-year-old Battle Creek girl saw an opportunity to launch her own business.

Starting a business amid a pandemic is challenging to say the least. To do so at 8-years-old pretty darn amazing. Meet Livi, Battle Creek's newest, if not youngest, entrepreneur.

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In-school learning may be on hold, but for some area kids school is still in session at home and online. Let's be honest here, most adults are scrambling to get through each day, and most kids are using their free time for video games and playing outside enjoying Michigan's summer-like weather but not Livi. When her school closed, Livi told her parents, Dan and Chaka Darden, she would like to start a professional lemonade stand. The idea came to her after she noticed golfers on Riverside Golf Course near her home with beverages in their carts.

Livi and her dad perfected the recipe by trial and error, taking notes with each batch. Livi's mom tells us that the final recipe was ready when Livi thought it perfect. Not her parents. This young entrepreneur was hands-on every step of the way. The decor and logo all her idea with both her parents helping and encouraging along the way.

So far, Livi's Lemonade comes in original and strawberry. Her mom says Livi has been selling 20 gallons of each flavor a day. Livi's goal is to one day be able to sell her lemonade in stores. Her mom says that money is not Livi's motivation, just having people enjoy and speak well her lemonade.

Here's how you can order Livi's Lemonade:

  • You can send a message to Livi's mom, Chaka Darden, by clicking here. Just state what kind of lemonade and what quantity you would like to purchase.
  • You can place orders on her Instagram page and follow for the next location she will be out at selling her lemonade at in and around Battle Creek. @livislemonade_
  • Or you can order through Cash App $LemonadeLivi with the size, quantity, and which kind.

Livi's Lemonade is offered for both deliveries and pick-up. Though there have been plenty of requests, Livi can only fill in-state orders at this time.

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