West Michigan man Gary Middleton has opened a "Make America Great Again" store based on Donald Trump's 2016 campaign slogan in Kent County.

The MAGA store has been open for a few weeks on Plainfield Avenue north of 5 Mile, Fox 17 reports.

Shirts, hats, pins, and other trinkets read "Trump 2020".

Middleton tells Fox 17 he was inspired by a friend who opened a similar store on the east side of the state,

There's a void over here on the west side of the state and we decided to fill that void. Overall the response has been overwhelmingly positive. "

Middleton says sales have been strong in the first couple weeks of business,

We've had people come from as far as Indiana. They love it. They are glad that someone has the courage, I guess we should say, to open up a store like this."

The store is not part of the official re-election campaign.

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