Polls will close at 8 PM tonight for the states March primary voting which also includes a number of local issues. In Calhoun County, there are two issues facing Battle Creek residents and two others in outlying areas. The Battle Creek issues include revising the city charter language to make the charter gender-neutral. Many city leaders believe it would make the city appear to be more inclusive. The other proposal would set up a separate election for the city’s mayor rather than have the mayor chosen by being the top vote-getter in the city commission election. Just one precinct in the county carries the Litchfield Community Schools Sinking Fund Millage question. And a Hillsdale County Intermediate School District proposal also appears on ballots in just one precinct in the county.

Results from this election cycle may be slow going. Huge numbers of absentee ballots need to be hand tabulated. County clerks statewide are indicating it may be well into tomorrow if not later in some areas before all ballots are counted.

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