Lindy hopped into the 95.3 WBCK Studios this week for Wiggly Tail Wednesday.  Lindy is a little different than some of our visitors from the Humane Society, as she appears to be a pure bred Boston terrier.   She’s about 3 years old, and came to the shelter in July.   A young man was house and dog sitting for a family over on the south side of town, when he heard a commotion.   He thought the dogs might be on the trail of a wild critter, but it turned out to be lovable little Lindy.  She loves food and squeaky toys and she’s a little on the smaller side, and won’t get much bigger than she is now. (well, depending on how much she eats, I guess).   She’s been spayed and is ready to find a new home.   If you’re interested, click here.

The Humane Society has a couple of big events coming up.   Thursday September 13th is the Whisker Mixer at Southern Exposure.  It’ll feature a gourmet meal, wine tasting, a silent auction and it always sells out, so get your tickets.

There are some fun Halloween events coming up, and Jessica from the Humane Society has an odd request:  She needs baby doll heads!   She’ll be poking the eyes out and using them for a special project on the terror trail.  Let her know if you have some, or drop them off at the shelter on Watkins Road.







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