Michigan's favorite grocery store may be Meijer, but we all know it's not the cheapest. The cheapest grocery store in the Mitten State is actually Aldi.

In total, there are 107 Aldi stores sprinkled across Michigan and soon they'll all be closed for an entire day.

Now, many national retailers adjust their hours for certain holidays, but rarely will they decide to close altogether for an entire day. Aldi, as anyone who has shopped there would know, is certainly not like other grocery stores.

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The usual obvious holidays that many stores do close entirely for are Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, but Aldi adds to that list. The store will close all 2,300 locations across the country for Easter Sunday, on March 31. Naturally, any last-minute shopping for Easter Sunday lunch, dinner or egg hunts will have to be done elsewhere.

Other stores that will be closed include Costco, Sam's Club and Target. Kroger shoppers will want to check by location. Walmart, Meijer and Trader Joe's will be open during regular hours.

Of course with the rising cost of groceries (and everything else), it's somewhat unfortunate that Aldi will be closed. Aldi is absurdly affordable by comparison with the other stores listed above, so shoppers would be wise to plan ahead for the holiday.

If you do your Easter shopping at Aldi this year, be on the lookout for their special holiday item. Like the Christmas decoration before it, people are snatching up this adorable Kevin the Carrot plush in a hurry.

Those cute little guys are already being sold for 10 times their face value on eBay.

Aldi Locations in Southwest Michigan

All of the Aldi locations are across the Southwest, west, and some of Central Michigan.

Gallery Credit: Canva/ Getty Images

ALDI Locations Near Grand Rapids, Michigan

Groceries are expensive but there is one store that is cheaper than all the others and they are ALDI with 11 locations near Grand Rapids.

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