The latest in a string of lawsuits against Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her virus shutdown orders is coming from a Republican congressman from southeast Michigan.  Representative Paul Mitchell represents the state’s 10th Congressional District just to the north of Detroit. Mitchell is filing the lawsuit as an individual. He’s filed his federal lawsuit in the state’s western district. Congressman Mitchell contends Governor Whitmer’s emergency declaration and subsequent closing orders violate his constitutional rights and the separation of powers in government. The lawsuit challenges several aspects of the Governor's shutdown orders, including putting a stop to all but emergency medical treatments. Mitchell says he needs regular care for bone on bone contact in a knee, but the Governor’s orders brought that to a screeching halt.  Mitchell says no one should be forced to take a chance at criminal prosecution in order to get medical care. Mitchell agrees with majority Republicans in the state legislature that a governor Michigan was never granted absolute and endless authority to manage or mismanage a state by simply declaring an emergency. Republican state legislators are preparing a lawsuit of their own against the Governor.

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