I do not even know how to start this piece.  Did you ever believe in your lifetime you would see a United States Representative attempt to make money off of their parties attempt to impeach the opposing parties President by selling t-shirts with vulgar language on it.

Well you can check that off of your; didn’t want to see it in my lifetime bucket list.

Michigan ‘“Congresswoman” Rashida Tlaib’s re-election campaign is selling T-Shirts that state:

Impeach the MF

It gets even worse, she has embedded those words in our American flag and then added her first name underneath it.  Shows you how much she cares about the flag and our country.

Here they are sold by actblue.com:

From: Tlaib re-election campaign via actblue.com
From: Tlaib re-election campaign via actblue.com

I believe now we could all say she is a very vulgar woman, saying such things in private is one thing, advertising it to the world is another.  I must say that it does not surprise me the least bit, this is the same person who told her 13 year old son that she was going to “impeach the mother (expletive)”! When speaking about President Trump.

In fact she told the world that after she conned enough people to vote for her and she won her congressional election her son said:

Look, Mama, you won. Bullies don’t win.

Why he thought her Democratic opponents where bullies I have no idea.  If you do not remember her district was so gerrymandered by the Democrats when they were in power no Republican actually runs in that District, she ran unopposed.

She then told us all she replied to her son by saying:

Baby, they don’t because we’re going to go in there and we’re going to impeach the mother (expletive).

What a lovely mother, I can’t imagine what she calls her young son when she is mad at him.

An email sent to her supporters, yes apparently she has supporters, said:

You’ve asked for ‘em. And now we’ve got ‘em

Are they saying that Democrats were actually asking for T-Shirts with vulgar language about our President?  What does that tell you about their “big tent” and “inclusive” kind party?

Just a thought if a white congressman or any person sold T-Shirts like this in regards to Obama would they have been called racist?

We do know that Tlaib is a non-white person, President Trump is white person: does that make Tliab a racist?  Well President Trump does have one thing going for him when it comes to Tliab and that is he is not Jewish so she can’t call him by any Jewish slurs she uses all the time against Jewish people.

Some of you will say that President Trump uses vulgar language, please point to one time when he used such vulgar language in public.  Yes in private he has and let the first person who has not said something vulgar in private throw the first stone.

President Trump loves this country, he speaks about the greatness of this country all the time.  When have you heard Tliab or for that fact any elected Democrat speak about this country consistently in glowing terms.

How as a country are we going to come together with people like Michigan “Congresswoman” Tliab in office?

Should I start selling “Remove Tliab From Office” T-Shirts.  On second thought that is exactly what she wants.  For her it is all about self-promotion and nothing to do with getting anything positive done.  Can any of you name one thing she has attempted to do for this country, state or her constituents?

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