Fast Food chicken restaurants have began to pick up steam here in the Midwest, and Michigan is adding to their repertoire this year with yet another chicken chain. We already have the likes of Chic-Fil-a, Lee's, Popeyes, Church's Chicken, and Wing Stop to name a few, but the next one in line has been long awaited. Many Michiganders have traveled south of the border into Ohio, Indiana, and even Illinois,  to get a taste of this chicken, but now the drive will be much closer.

No we aren't lucky enough to be getting a Zaxby's in Michigan, but this may be the next best thing. I was more surprised at the location, expecting this chain to choose a city like Grand Rapids or Detroit that has a few colleges and is a bigger city for better business like they did with Chicago, but what do I know lol. They chose to bring their franchise to East Lansing and the campus of the Michigan State University Spartans.

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The long awaited chicken strips, fries, texas toast, dipping sauce, and drink combo is about to be over. So many people have been waiting to get their hands, well mouths, on the delicacy that is Raising Cane's Chicken. Maybe you'd like to try something else off their menu, and soon you will be able to.

Well lucky for them, Raising Cane's announced they they would be expanding their franchise to Michigan and opening up a store in East Lansing in 2022. They will be building their store on the corner of East Grand River and M.A.C Avenues, which is on the main strip in town and right across the street from the MSU campus. Now we just need to get a Zaxby's and Bojangles in Michigan.

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