Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer does not think enough is being done to enforce her orders controlling and restricting the activities and behaviors of Michigan residents. The COVID-19 outbreak she says, is too critical to play around with and she fears the state will suffer without more fines, citations, and licensing action. Whitmer is using an Executive Directive to order all relevant state departments, in particular the State Police, to clamp down on businesses and people not following her orders.

She is focusing on two primary areas of concern. Businesses not limiting customers to their allowed capacities. And Michigan residents not wearing face masks when entering businesses. The Governor points to what she says is an alarming increase in the number of confirmed virus cases since this time last month. Whitmer says that be elevating enforcement priority by State Police, Health and Human Services, and business licensing administrators, Michigan can hold the line against the virus.

The Governor stresses that if a state department or agency becomes aware of non-compliance under the law, that must be considered presumptive evidence of a “public health hazard” or “imminent and substantial hazard to the public health”. Agencies and departments are ordered to get tough including pulling business licenses and ordering immediate closings.

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