The job of a Poll Watcher/Challenger no matter if they are Democrats, Republicans or any other ideology is to “watch” what the poll worker is doing/approving and perhaps “challenge” a decision if needed.

Governor Whitmer through Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has issued guidance that makes the job of “watching” then “challenging”, well a challenge.  Whitmer through SOS Benson issued election guidance on October 16th that stated on page 8:

“Challengers / Poll Watchers: While challengers’ and poll watchers’ have their rights and responsibilities established under law, election workers can strictly enforce requirements that they observe proper social distancing. Challengers and poll watchers are subject to the requirement in MDDHS Order, to use face coverings in enclosed spaces (unless exempt due to health reasons).”

In that guidance on page 5 & 7, it states:

“Observe social distancing – keep a distance of 6 feet or more whenever possible”


“Social Distancing: You will have to plan your precinct layouts to accommodate for recommended social distancing. Where possible, ensure that all voter processing stations are spaced 6 feet apart, all voting booths allow for 6 feet of space between them, voters are organized 6 feet apart in line, and all workers are spaced a minimum of 6 feet apart.”

Last Friday, October 23rd a Republican House candidate Steve Carra, filed a lawsuit with the Michigan Court of Claims.  That lawsuit named Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and Director of the Michigan Bureau of Elections Jonathan Brater as defendants.

The purpose of the lawsuit was to ask the court to strike down Benson’s guidance due to the fact that a poll watcher or challenger cannot do their job effectively from 6 feet away.  In the lawsuit he stated:

“Requiring an election challenger to maintain six feet of distance from election workers significantly impedes, frustrates, and in some instances makes impossible the full exercise of the challenger’s rights and duties,”

Jake Rollow a Michigan Department of State spokesperson said in a statement:

“This frivolous lawsuit is nothing more than an attempt to gain media attention and falsely attack the integrity of Michigan elections…The guidance issued by the Bureau of Elections allows challengers to temporarily stand within six feet of election workers to issue challenges and view the poll book.”

Nowhere in that guidance did I read that challengers could “temporarily stand within six feet of election workers to issue challenges and view the poll book”.  Jake Rollow is flat out not telling the truth but does that surprise anyone coming from the Whitmer/Nessel/Benson administration?

As citizens of the United States and residents of the state of Michigan, we should expect and demand that all elections are run fairly.  Is that too hard to ask from the Whitmer or any Administration?

We are seeing all kinds of rules and laws being broken by the Whitmer administration, such as:

  • The Secretary of State’s office overruling election clerks and sending Absentee ballot applications to every single person in Michigan that are dead or alive as long as they are on Michigan voter rolls.
  • Extension of the time ballots must be counted after election day
  • Poll watchers who cannot watch in order to challenge a ballot
  • Reporting by MLive stating “The Michigan Court of Claims on Monday declined to issue a preliminary injunction that would have upended online absentee ballot applications in a case brought by the Election Integrity Fund and Glen Sitek. The group in a lawsuit against Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson argued the online absentee ballot applications impermissibly allowed voters to copy the signature from their driver’s license instead of signing with ink.” Guess who ruled on that case, the one and only most activist and overruled judge in Michigan Cynthia Stephens.
  • Who knows what else they have in store for us

With all the shenanigans or as Biden would call it malarkey surrounding this election, it does not appear that Michigan under Whitmer will actually have a free and fair election.  President Trump will need quite a lead in votes to counter all of the illegal votes that appear to be coming his way.

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