Past successes along these lines have been few and far between.  But the Michigan State House of Representatives is moving to challenge Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer on her virus control orders. Again. This one is a very emotionally charged issue. The legislation would also send those who’ve tested positive and are being retained in the facilities to separate designated care sites. The only exceptions would be where facilities certify they are capable of providing proper care for those positive residents in separate buildings.

The legislation is being approved on a 74-34 vote count. 17 Democratic lawmakers broke ranks and joined the Republican majority to approve the plan. The Governor stands her ground claiming the policy is safe and it’s the prudent thing to do.  Many state lawmakers though, point to fully one-third of the claimed fatalities from the virus being nursing and long-term care facility residents. A direct result they say, of the Governor’s flawed, if not outright deadly policy. A congressional committee in the U.S. House of Representatives is also zeroing in on the policy and several members are pointing accusing fingers at Governor Whitmer for the order. It’s pretty much a symbolic vote, however. Even if the State Senate concurs, and it most likely will, there’s no reason to believe the Governor will do anything but veto the legislation. Marshall State Representative Mall Hall is among the Republican lawmakers voting to implement the change. He’s not mincing his words, saying, “Other states like New York which have attempted these policies have reversed course. But shockingly, Governor Whitmer still continues this practice to this day. We’re taking a stand by formulating a smarter plan while stopping the governor’s reckless practice of putting our most vulnerable citizens at risk. “Reckless decisions”, says Hall, “can have tragic consequences. As a result of this senseless policy that is still in effect, more people have died than should have.”

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