Plenty of television shows have been set in Michigan over the years, some successful and some not so much.

For every Home Improvement there are five Battle Creeks.

But television is ever changing. Gone are the days of waiting a full week to see what happens on your favorite primetime drama and gone are the days of Saturday Morning Cartoons.

As a millennial, I get asked a lot if I was a Nickelodeon kid or a Cartoon Network kid - I was a good cartoon kid. Courage The Cowardly Dog, Spongebob Squarepants, AH! Real Monsters, Fairly OddParents, just give me a great cartoon and I will waste my day away.

Like many near my age, that translated well into adult cartoons like Rick & Morty and Family Guy. But as a parent, I still find myself enjoying kids cartoons with my kids. Trust me though, they don't understand how lucky they are that they can watch as many episodes of Bluey or Paw Patrol as they want in a row.

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But, that does mean they miss out on that "Saturday Morning Cartoon" experience - when they only showed the good stuff. That makes it a bit harder for cable cutters like myself to even know what shows are leading the way on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon these days.

But one that has managed to peak through a few times and hold my interest is Nickelodeon's The Loud House. The show premiered in 2016 and follows Lincoln Loud as he lives in a home with 10 chatoic and diverse sisters in their home in Royal Woods, Michigan, making it the longest running cartoon series set in the Mitten State.

Royal Woods is a fictional town based on Royal Oak, the real city show creator Chris Savino grew up in.

The Loud House isn't the only cartoon ever set in Michigan, but it is in short company. 2007's Transformers Animated, set in 2050 Detroit, aired 42 episodes over three seasons, which is fairly successful for a franchise that has run 28 different cartoon series.

Another short-lived series called Motorcity was set in a futuristic Detroit as well. It only aired one season in 2012.

Despite controversies with the show's creator, The Loud House has enjoyed seven successful seasons and even won an Emmy in 2019. It was renewed for season 8 in December 2023, which ties it with Dora The Explorer and trails only Rugrats, The Fairly OddParents and Spongebob Squarepants for longest running original Nickelodeon cartoons in the network's history.

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