If anything feels more impossible for middle-class Americans than buying a home, it's probably the thought of buying a brand-new house. Theoretically, it's harder to get into a newly built home and even more difficult to build your house from the ground up.

That's not entirely the case in Michigan though.

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There are perks to both paths, whether buying an old home or a new one. An older home can have some historical significance, a good location, or simply be cheaper if it requires some TLC. A newer home is more likely to be up to code, free of lead or other known harmful chemicals, and have a blank canvas to make it a bit easier to make the home feel like it's yours through and through.

That last point gets amplified if you're fortunate enough to build your home. While undoubtedly stressful, watching a blank piece of land go through the steps of becoming a home is a cool thing to watch unfold, especially if you have any experience working in construction like I do. Knowing how much work and attention to detail goes into such a project and watching it come to life is a unique feeling.

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For home buyers (or builders) there's almost nowhere else in the country better to be than in Michigan. According to an article published by Finance Buzz, Michigan is the No. 2 state in the country where buying or building a new home is still reasonably affordable. Georgia, which has an arguably more palatable climate and is experiencing quality growth around the Atlanta metro area, was named as the top state in the article. Still, comparing the dollars and cents, Michigan is still cheaper.

Michigan homes on average cost about $233K, which is roughly $85K cheaper than the national average. With cheaper homes on average, it's certainly possible for buyers interested in new homes to find what they're looking for at a fairly reasonable price.

Michigan was joined in the top 10 by Indiana (6th) and Ohio (8th). The entire ranking can be seen here.

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