Perhaps Detroit area Representative has felt that she has ignored by the press lately and because of that, she made another insane comment via Twitter.  Why is no one in her Party being asked if her Twitter account should be taken away from her?  Why is Twitter not banning her from their site for making such outrageous proclamations as a seated Congressperson?

Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn Center Minnesota officials believe there was an accidental shooting and death of a man by the name of Daunte Wright. Officials are characterizing the shooting as an "accidental discharge" after reviewing the released body camera footage which appears to show the officer yelling "Taser”. It is currently believed that the officer meant to grab her Taser but instead grabbed her gun and fired it.

In the released video footage, the man was struggling with the police and attempting to flee.  That is when the officer pulled what she thought was her Taser and shoot the man.

In response to that shooting Michigan Rep. Tlaib tweeted out the following brilliant thought:

I wonder how many people in the Detroit area District she represents want “no more policing” or “incarceration” of criminals?

I wonder how many Democrats want “no more policing” or “incarceration” of criminals?

Your guess is as good as mine, but these Democrats in their Districts and around the country do elect these people after they have stated time and time again they want the police defunded.  That being said I can only assume that the number of Democrats that want the police defunded is growing.

Now Rashida has taken it a step forward, or I should say backward and is calling for the complete abolishment of the police.  Now her media protectors will tell us not to believe what she actually writes and says but believe she means something else.

She certainly is a brilliant one.

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