Detroit Representative Rashida Tlaib was a huge advocate of corporate welfare while she was a Michigan House Representative.  In fact she voted for every direct business subsidy measure, except one, that came before her as a state Representative.

The Michigan Capitol Confidential news site stated that all of those corporate welfare yes votes she made totaled $1.031 billion in cash transfers from state taxpayers to big corporations and developers.

Wow she certainly was a huge supporter of corporate welfare just a mere 5 years ago. As I stated during her six years (2009 - 2014) in the Michigan House Tlaib was very supportive and authorized all kinds of “grant” tax breaks and other kinds of privileges to certain businesses, in the name of economic development. As I told you there was one subsidy she refused to vote for or authorize and that was in 2012 when someone in the House wanted to use the Detroit Downtown Development Authority to funnel taxpayer dollars to Detroit Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch for a stadium complex. 

She put her foot down when it came to the pizza guy.  Probably because she thought she aided to his wealth too often after ordering and paying for all those Pizza Pizza’s!

Now that Tlaib is in Congress and part of the socialist squad she has, let us say evolved, to hate all corporate welfare.  According to the Michigan Capitol Confidential news site they stated that her:

current stance on corporate welfare was displayed in a press release requesting that several U.S. House committees hold investigative hearings on whether political campaign contributions influenced the process for designating parts of Detroit as “opportunity zones,” areas in which developers can get federal tax breaks. Tlaib’s request was based on a ProPublica article claiming that the zones fail to meet the law’s eligibility standards, allegedly due to lobbying by billionaire developer Dan Gilbert and other political donors.

Because of the ProPublica article Tlaib stated:

This is yet another example of how corporate greed and the influence of billionaires have infected our government like a disease...Residents in my district have witnessed time and time again how the desires of wealthy individuals are put before their needs—enough is enough...This is not how our government, or our democracy should work. We must take action to uncover the truth.

Well Rashida why were you not so concerned about the residents in your district when it comes to the desires of wealthy individuals when you were a State Representative for many of these same residents.

Or when you were a State Representative was that “how our government, or our democracy should Work”?


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