Michigan restaurants are turning up the heat on the Governor’s office. They want and need to reopen if they are to remain viable. Dine-in restaurants have been ordered closed for weeks now by Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer. It’s a wonder any of them can even think about reopening after the loss of income, and employees who may be making more on unemployment than their regular wages. The head of the Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association says Michigan is losing 20 restaurants a day. They will not reopen. The association is releasing some information to member restaurants about procedures they’ll need to follow to be determined as safe for customers and staff.  That even includes keeping bar stools set 6 feet apart, along with all the normal social distancing and disinfecting things that are required of all of us. The association believes its biggest hurdle may be convincing guests that it will be safe for them to re-enter restaurants to enjoy eating out again. Governor Whitmer last week said bars and restaurants will not reopen until Michigan hits level 5 of the six phases she has engineered for reengaging the economy. The Governor is determining that we’re barely into the third level. At least that means outdoor work, real estate services, construction,  and starting today, manufacturing, may resume.

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