Getting a new tattoo can be a bit of a process if you don't already have a shop or artist in mind.

It takes a tremendous amount of trust to allow someone to take a needle to your skin to make the marks that will last with you for a lifetime. Some folks make the mistake of not shopping around and vetting their options before settling with someone cheap or nearby. What they are ultimately left with is regret.

At the end of the day, getting a tattoo requires two things: funds and patience. Without either, you're better off not getting any ink whatsoever.

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If you have both in abundance, you can enjoy a tattoo from the best around and leave the shop feeling satisfied and hold that satisfaction for years to come.

Around Michigan, there are many great options around the state to get some strong ink. One shop has been recognized as the best in the entire state and one of the very best in the whole country.

Far & Wide ranked the 35 best tattoo shops in the United States and just one shop from Michigan cracked the list.

Just missing the top 5 at No. 6 is North Main Tattoo Studio in Detroit. Some of the best artists in the state work here alongside Jay Wheeler and Aaron Ruby.

The shop doubles as an art gallery too, showcasing a variety of artists, big and small.

For more information on the studio, you can follow their Instagram here or visit their website here.

North Main Tattoo Studio has a 4.9-star rating on Google Reviews with over 200 reviews. We recently ranked the top 15 shops in the state, but North Main didn't have the minimum number of reviews to make the list. That list is included below.

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