There is plenty of bad news to be found but how about something worth celebrating and smiling about? Happy 114th birthday Ellen Goodwill.

If you are searching for some good news to celebrate then look no further. Michigan's oldest living resident lives in Battle Creek, Michigan. Ellen Goodwill, maiden name Lear, was born in Paris, Kentucky on February 2, 1907. The President of the United States was Theodore Roosevelt. The average life expectancy was 47 years. The average wage was 22 cents per hour. There were an estimated 8,000 cars on the road and only 8 percent of households had a phone.

The fact Mrs. Goodwill is alive today is nothing short of miraculous. The model turned storefront window designer was known for her love of dance in her younger days as well as catching the eye of many gentlemen whose path she crossed. She's lived through two World Wars, two pandemics as well as the Great Depression. She's seen the United States grow from 45 states to 50 states. She survived losing her husband in 1972 to illness.

With all the bad news, negativity, and the general dividedness going on we need to remember to celebrate things like this. It is no small accomplishment to make it this long in life. Mrs. Goodwill must have a type of strength and resolve that many of us only dream to have. She is a member of The Greatest Generation so it should surprise no one that she continues to beat the odds.

If you would like to help Mrs. Goodwill celebrate 114 years, there are a few ways to do so. You can send a card to Ellen at Advantage Living Center, 675 Wagner Dr., Battle Creek, MI, 49017. Alternately, the Southwestern Michigan Urban League is organizing a birthday drive-up at the facility on Saturday (Feb. 6th) from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. Community members are invited to drop-off gifts, cards as well as wave to the "birthday girl".

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